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Your Freedom is my Pleasure.

I was a shy child, never comfortable in my own skin, I always wanted to be somebody else. As a teen I felt like a freak which resulted in me building bars around my heart, and living on the outside. I was, however blessed with a thin thread connection to my Higher Self; she nudged me awake in the night and pulled me on mysterious journeys through my head, heart, and around the world. As I hurtled, tripped, glided, danced, and fell flat on my arse, the thread grew stronger and the voice of my Higher Self rang out like a bell. 

I have spent seven years training and practicing as a Child Play Therapist, specialising in adoption, trauma, and attachment difficulties. This was an inevitable part of my journey and a very special time in my life. I connected with beautiful innocent spirits, and learnt so much about the natural playfulness and open heartedness of children. All of my training to date informs my practice, of which, playfulness, creativity, humour, unconditional love, and security are core values. As well as Child Psychology my interests and skills lie in, Psycho-magic & Clowning, Method Acting, Shamanism, Intuitive Vocal Expression and Movement, Tantra, Kundalini Yoga & Qigong. 

I now practice as a Light Channel and psychic; I offer Tarot card readings, Light language healing, and I facilitate Feminine Empowerment Circles. Freedom is the most important thing to me, and it is my deepest pleasure to help you find yours, whatever that may mean to you.  If you’d like to learn more about how I work, you can follow me on Facebook and Instagram, where I offer weekly card readings for the collective, Facebook live Tarot readings, and Live Chats.