Child Therapist (MA);
Consciousness Mentor.

I was a shy child, never comfortable in my own skin, I always wanted to be somebody else! As a teen I felt like a total freak which resulted in me building bars around my heart. I was, however blessed with a thin thread connection to my Higher Self; she nudged me awake in the night and pulled me on mysterious journeys, physically, spiritually, psychologically, and emotionally, guiding me back to my heart. I trained as a Child Play therapist (MA) with the unconscious desire to give young people the space I craved growing up: The place I could be my ‘whole’ self with another, safely play out all of my dreams, fears, fantasies, experiences, and beliefs without fear of judgement or denial, and express my most deep and confronting feelings knowing that they wouldn’t hurt anybody. I feel deeply honoured to have provided this space for children over my seven years of therapeutic practice. 

My creativity has been imperative to my survival, whether it be through poetry, drama, or serious acting out! Over the last nine years, I’ve undertaken a wide scope of acting training and work, devising theatrical pieces and my own personal projects. The more I act, the more I appreciate the beauty of humanity in all her guises, and my work with character archetypes has opened up new potential for the kind of therapeutic space I can offer children. I believe character exploration and conscious role play to be a powerful tool for unearthing hidden gems from consciousness, and have developed a therapeutic-theatrical programme for children based upon the fundamental ethics and principles of play therapy where they may access support in a group setting, in order to build individual empowerment, self esteem, evolve relationship skills, and promote social cohesion.

I also love working with curious adults who are open to self discovery and expanding the boundaries of consciousness. Does this sound like you? Work with me to strengthen your connection to your Higher Self -  your wise self who has your greatest happiness, peace and prosperity at heart. One of my favourite mediums is through the ancient art of the Tarot; meet me for a ‘Higher Self Reading' where we can employ collective archetypes and symbolism to reflect upon your story and help you gain perspective and empowerment over your life. I’ve been on the ‘self development’ trail for many years and have accumulated a broad range of spiritual, practical,  and psychological healing tools which I can share with you through a bespoke mentoring programme, catered specifically to your requirements.  





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