"...Being with Carly's energy is very opening, genuine and powerful. Good humour and expansion. So you don't want to miss this one hour with her. Carly hold's the space with her softness, and in her power as the one sitting in her own seat of leadership and love.”

Kristín Siguròardóttir



BA (Hons) degree in Psychology (2008)
MA in Play Therapy; Accredited by BAPT, and PSA. (2014)

-Seventeen years of experience creating rituals, reading cards and crystals, and practising alchemic magic. 

-Seven years of professional experience of working with vulnerable children and their families in the fields of separation, bereavement, trauma, and attachment difficulties. Holding specialist knowledge in developmental trauma, neuropsychology, attachment theory, humanistic and Jungian psychology, and play therapy tools and techniques.

​-Seven years of experience as an actress, performer, and storyteller. 

-Three years of experience facilitating empowering spaces for women.



A combination of a young initiation into mysticism by my mum, and a patriarchally dogmatic home environment during my early teens gifted me the luxury of creating sacred space for myself. I spent many an hour alone in my room, candles ablaze, communing with unknown entities, and what I now know to be my Higher Self. In this portal, I developed powerful trust in my intuitive, creative, and magical abilities. I always had a strong interest in people and could often pick up on very subtle nuances in unconscious communication, which naturally guided me into Psychology.

In 2009 I fled to find myself in South America. Having read about the Shamanic medicine found in the Amazon, I had filed the intention to discover this healing path. Ayahuasca eventually found me took me deep into my psyche and unleashed the pack of hungry hounds that I'd locked away. This experience threw me and shook my connection to reality, which caught up with me later down the line.

My creativity has been imperative to my survival; my deepest sorrows and desires expressed and contained through poetry, song, and storytelling. Since 2013, I have since undertaken a broad scope of work in the corporate/immersive theatre world and on the fringe theatre scene. Method acting training with a combination of Psychotherapy helped put some of my awakened hounds to rest and stirred my curiosity in Child Psychology.

I trained as a Play therapist in 2012 and found my niche in the adoption field. I worked close people with young people and their families to give space for the unburdening of their trauma while receiving their whole selves with absolute unconditional love and acceptance. The bonds I developed with these beautiful and courageous beings were magical, and it was my great pleasure to witness their unique journeys towards wholeness and health. I created family circles to improve communication, strengthen attachment, and challenge family patterns and conditioning disrupting intimacy. Here, an interest in adult attachment conceived, and the ancient tribal ways of sharing circles which I have taken into my work with women. 

I moved to Brighton in 2017, after two more long term relationships and a couple of provocative dating experiences. It soon clicked into consciousness that my fear of intimacy was manifesting such relationships, and my inner work up-levelled profusely. From the depths of despair, I had awoken to the calling of the sea (simulated by the wind blowing through my 5th-floor apartment window) and knew that I had to be brave and seek a new way of being. Everything happened very quickly as I felt myself shedding layer upon layer of the tough false skin grown over so many years. I closed my play therapy business at the end of 2019 and begun to focus predominantly on sharing my intuitive gifts, enabling me to travel to France to pursue acting studies.

My work is with the feminine: Creator, Birther, Lover, Mother, Nurturer, and Illuminator. We all carry the feminine energy within us, no matter what our sex, gender, or orientation. It is my burning desire to nurture her, wherever she shows up so the world may fall in love with her again and benefit from her profound wisdom, and her capacity for love and transformation. Since 2017 I have facilitated three feminine empowerment circles; inclusive and diverse spaces for women (or anyone identifying as a woman) to meet, share, and heal, remembering the divine essence of the feminine and the powerful bonds of sisterhood.

Ultimately my service is for the divine/healed masculine and feminine within and between us all, and the potential for them to co-exist and co-create in symbiotic harmony. Imagine a world where these two powerful forces were not in competition or at war, but peace?

I am here to witness you; all who you are and all who have the potential to be. I will encourage your self-exploration and guide you to become the leader of your own healing journey, bringing you into alignment with your soul's blueprint. Together we will uplevel your sense of worth and discover more of your innate potential so you may attract better quality experiences and relationships into your life. 


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