"Romantic relationship breakdowns don’t have to be traumatic experiences to be shamefully cast out in to the sea of sins, but may serve as energy for ‘up-levelling’ all levels of consciousness; emotional, spiritual, cognitive, physical, and ancestral."

Carly Tennant


Hello Beautiful Love

I want to tell you that:

You are precious and deserve to be truly happy and at peace with yourself. 

You are designed to love and be loved in return. 

You can choose the kind of love you want to receive;

Only this depends on how much you’re willing to love yourself first.  

All the treasures you’ve ever dreamed are already yours, the task before us is to clear the pathway to your heart.

If you are going through a breakup or finding it hard to ‘let go’ of a past love, I have a powerful process to share with you. I call this, ’Breakup Alchemy’.

Breakup Alchemy is an opportunity for your grief to transform into your greatest gift. 

By swimming in the ocean of your psyche, both conscious and unconscious, physical, emotional, sensory, neurological, cognitive, and spiritual, we can begin to re-write the programmes which keep you small and powerless.

I will witness you through this alchemic process with my deep respect, unconditional love, playfulness, and absolute authenticity. 

I can help you to see more clearly, who you are, the habits and patterns that are obstructing your growth, and what you truly desire and want to call into your life. 

Together we will work to unharness your true potential, and increase your self worth so that you can begin to attract and receive the kind of love you truly deserve. 

How much do you dare to seek the adventures within your heart and discover these hidden gems?




A three-month process which holds you through the pain of a breakup so that you may find a way to healthily release yourself from your ex and create clear boundaries for yourself. A big part of this journey is inner transformational work, where your deeper wounds will be met, aspects of your shadow turned into the light, and psychological patterns of conditioning seen and recognised to pave new pathways. 


The three months is a process which requires your full presence and commitment, and your trust in the unique unfolding of your transformation. Carly will nurture you with unconditional love and acceptance, and challenge you to confront aspects of yourself which you may find uncomfortable. The more you are willing to embrace your fears, the more gifts the universe will offer you. All you need to do is to show up with an open mind and heart and willingness to grow.


This program begins with a free 'Exploration Call' where you can bring your whole self, and we can assess where you are, what you need and the steps that are in alignment for you to take. If both parties agree its a good match, a three-month quest begins.

Over three months, you will receive:
-Eight 60 minute personal Zoom Coaching sessions.
(In month 1, we meet weekly; in months 2 and 3, we met bi-weekly.)

-Weekly guidance emails and the opportunity to receive support and have your questions answered. 

-My care, attention, and commitment to your whole being; conscious, unconscious, seen and unseen, wounded and healed, loved and unloved, and your Higher Self. 


The investment is £199 per month, for three months. 
However, if you can pay upfront you will receive £50 off, and pay £547.


-Increased confidence and self-esteem to be your full self. 
-A clearer perspective of your attachment style and how your previous experiences and relationships affect you in the present. 
-A tool kit for catching yourself before you fall into a trap, relaxation and releasing trauma, and implementing a self-care regime. 
-The development of strong and healthy boundaries (physical, emotional, spiritual, sexual, and psychological), learning what your 'yes' is and what your 'no' is, when to compromise and when to surrender. 
-Rituals and regimes for connecting to your intuition, and your feminine gifts. 
-Increased awareness of your needs and desires. 
-To feel more grounded in your self, and connected to the earth.

Please note, this coaching should not be a substitute for psychological, psychiatric or medical professional care. 



I’ve worked intentionally with my relationship wounds for the last eleven years.

Over a multitude of births, lives, and deaths - involving boys, men, Prince’s, and fiends - I’ve delved deep into my shadow.

Blessing the sad, fearful, bitter, and angry parts of me, which my ego kept locked safely away. 

I learned that I was attracting pain into my heart as it was the pain I carried in my personal and collective unconscious, in my physical body, and my soul. 

I was magnetising what I already knew.

I realised that to attract what I wanted, I needed to create a new space within my self to receive this. 

This meant up-levelling my sense of value and worth and challenging the self-destructive habits, which kept me powerless and small. 

I had to grow from Princess into Queen.

On my journey, I’ve cradled my inner child, danced with my wise old Crone, and purified my inner Goddess.

This work took me into a womb healing process, which meant clearing family and ancestral patterns.

Here, I understood that my grief was not just personal but ancestral, collective, and archetypal:

This work is all of ours. 

When we can recognise this, we share the healing journey of the estranged and very hurt ‘Feminine’ and ‘Masculine.’

Romantic breakups are one of the most painful manifestations of the wounded feminine and masculine energies in conflict. 

 However, you do have a choice: You can ignore the signs your emotional body gives you, and not learn from the experience, or you can listen and meet yourself in a way that no one ever has before. You can work with your grief so that it no longer grips you unconsciously, but leads you deeper into the mysteries of your heart and soul, opening up the potential for greatness. 

Romantic relationship breakdowns don’t have to be traumatic experiences to be shamefully cast out into the sea of sins, but may serve as energy for ‘up-levelling’ all levels of consciousness; emotional, spiritual, cognitive, physical, and ancestral. 

I am a loving and sad witness to you when you don’t recognise your power and unique beauty, and your ability to transform pain into wisdom lies into truth and death into birth. 

I stand here now in service to the wounded, suppressed, and abused feminine and want to share my alchemic process with you so that you may set her free, and together we rise. 


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