Traditionally women would gather in the unburdening light of the Full Moon to harness collective power, air judgements and hostilities, weave stories of creation, and act out rituals to release the old energies that no longer served them. They would vision, manifest dreams, commune with the other world, and open the portal of transformation inside and out. The sacred union of these women kept their communities at peace and created harmony between masculine and feminine energies so that the land could be protected, and their people respected and nurtured. 

In the 21st Century, Western women find themselves in destitution; so many of us out of flow and alienated from the truth of who we are. What is your calling, do you have desires unmet, prayers unanswered, emotions blocked up? The main thing stopping a woman from being in her power is herself. When she chooses to listen, to open the gates to her inner voice, to allow nature to flow inside her and cultivate her relationship with the natural world she steps out into a quest. This quest is a inner healing journey of the body, soul, and mind, and a dance also.  

Women are more powerful together and when their intuitive, creative and caring mastery is shared, anything can be achieved and any problem resolved. Its time for sisters to remember their sacred, unspoken bond and to step away from judgement, comparison, lack, and fear and into the rich bond of sisterhood in love and trust. 


Hanna Nygren

"I met Carly a couple of weeks ago when she held a woman circle. It was the first time I've ever been to a circle like this, I felt both nervous and excited before it, but when I met Carly I instantly felt calm, I knew I was gonna be in a safe and loving space. Just this one hour with her and the other woman there gave me so much and I went home after it feeling high on life and more empowered than in a long time. Thank you Carly, you're amazing. ♡"


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