Women unite; souls connect, hearts share wisdom, tears, and grace: 
We dance, pray, laugh, stomp, cry, chant, sing, scream, sit in silence, listen, and speak our truths. 

Every month we meet under the mystery of the full moon; weaving our natural feminine power, and wisdom, to support each other through whatever shows up at the time. 

Each circle begins with a round of the 'sharing stick', and follows by a guided meditation, creative activity, or contribution by one or more members.

A pure sisterhood, free of judgement, blame, and comparison; we share our hearts and let our spirits rip free. 

Welcome to any woman or anyone identifying as female and facilitated in English. If you are not an English speaker and would like to come along, please feel free, as your presence is all that's required. 

Carly has been facilitating feminine empowerment spaces for the last two years; circles have erupted in Brighton, Paris, and now Clapton, London. 


"I met Carly a couple of weeks ago when she held a woman circle. It was the first time I've ever been to a circle like this, I felt both nervous and excited before it, but when I met Carly I instantly felt calm, I knew I was gonna be in a safe and loving space. Just this one hour with her and the other woman there gave me so much and I went home after it feeling high on life and more empowered than in a long time. Thank you Carly, you're amazing. ♡"

Hanna Nygren



A free, monthly circle for Womb bearing individuals (women or those identifying as women) to Commune under the Power of the Moon. 

'Plume' is a Vision where:

All fibres of the feather fit together, are in alignment, are linked to its core.

A portal for inner growth;

And they grow out together, marking time; 

They look like almost one.

We need to form these communities, call back our Great Bird, our wandering spirit.

When altogether becomes soft, interwoven, 

We make a new Beast.

Plume circle takes place in London, Clapton's 'Millfields Park', canal-side (nearest stations Clapton Overground, or bus roots 48, 56)

*Please note, COVID-19 social distancing measures will be in place. 

**Six spaces available per circle, so please confirm your place in advance.


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