"I met Carly a couple of weeks ago when she held a woman circle. It was the first time I've ever been to a circle like this, I felt both nervous and excited before it, but when I met Carly I instantly felt calm, I knew I was gonna be in a safe and loving space. Just this one hour with her and the other woman there gave me so much and I went home after it feeling high on life and more empowered than in a long time. Thank you Carly, you're amazing. ♡"

Hanna Nygren



A community for those interested in pursuing the path of liberation, actualising fantasies and dreams, and transforming personal, familial, and ancestral patterns, with with the Moon natural cycles. 

In ancient times, women would gather under the light of the Full Moon to harness their power, weave stories of creation, and act out rituals to release the old energies that no longer served them. 

They would vision, manifest dreams, commune with the other world, and open individual and collective portals of transformation. The sacred union of these women kept their communities at peace and created harmony between masculine and feminine energies to protect, nurture and respect their land and people. 

Conscious moon manifestation work cultivates our relationship with the natural world inside and around us, pulling us forth on a healing quest of the mind, body, and soul of our body and the collective body of the planet. 

Carly is committed to her evolution and has been creating personal rituals since she was a teenager. Through conscious sorcery, she works with the moon's rhythmic turning and the reassuring pulling of Earth's waters inside and around us. Over the last two years, she has gathered women together to connect to the rich and potent ways of the Feminine. 


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