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Dive in to the true you
Unfurl the mystique 
Reveal your heart
Open your soul to unite with all who are ready, standing radiantly in their own essence.
What is your individual power? What gift are you to this world?
You are innately beautiful.
You may sometimes feel small and insignificant, but you are Sacred Art.
When enough of us switch on to our true potential and be all who we have come here to be, we paint a new image.
A picture of depth, beauty, honour, freedom and all the rich layers of humanity.
A picture resonating with New Earth's heart. 
Let her grow and be all she wants to be too.

Everyone and thing is worthy of this.
To be you is the greatest gift of all
Show up as you today, don’t worship those ‘above’.
Understand you are as crucial to the divine plan as anyone else.
And then US
And then...
Miracles become reality.


A meeting with your Higher Self, from my heart to yours. You may have a specific question in your head but be warned your highest self will give you the information you most need in the moment, and it may not be what you are expecting to hear. This is a communion of pure love, helping you to see what may be in the way of you seeing and achieving your Highest potential.

An hour full card spread, and half hour half card spread available 'Book Online'.



Every soul deserves to be love, to give love, and to receive love freely, without constraint. However previous experiences can cloud our sense of self worth; making us feel we have to be more than our own simple, divine essence, and we start to look outside of ourselves to meet others expectations.   

-Do you find yourself caught up in repeated relationship patterns?

-Are you trapped in a tornado of a break up and need that support and encouragement to separate so you can return to your wholeness? 

-Are you always trying to be something else for others, and loose sight of the true you?

Im here to tell you you are not alone, and these are patterns that you can bring awareness to and break. Lets reclaim your divinity and set you free.

Contact me to find out more and book a consultation. 


Channelled quantum light and sound healing to awaken your sleeping cells,  shake off negative residues, and shower your body in pure Love. 

I work with a combination of sound, Light Language, energy channeling, and inner journeying.  Light language is the innate language of the soul, it works on a multidimensional level, activating ancient DNA programming and awakening dormant potential.

Starting with a meditation, I will help you to release tension in your mind and body so you can relax to receive the healing. This is a direct transmission, unique to you and whatever you need in the moment.  Book online.