Abundance is a state of BEING

I spent last week in ’lack’; a painful place to be if you’ve ever known it. Lack is a hole, a vacuum, an empty field, it’s always hungry and wanting, begging for something - anything else. In lack I can only see what I DON’T have; intangible ghosts. The more I sink in to this state, the more of this physical reality I attract towards me, and the more of a ‘victim’ I become, this is ‘The Law of Attraction.’

I was becoming resentful and angry that certain people in my life were excluding me, not showing me the love I needed, but in holding on to this illusion I was completely failing to see the love and beauty that was already being offered to me. I believe we are rarely lacking a specific object, experience, or person in our life, but more the feeling state that this entity produces; such as love, companionship, excitement, belonging, and/or adoration. Therefore, abundance is a state of being, not a possession, or a destination.

So, I decided to stop fixating on intangible ghosts, limiting my experience to a very specific form, and instead focus on who else in my field was offering me love, adoration, and nurturing, and I found it was all around me in different guises. No matter how bad everything feels, I believe there will always be someone or something in your life which is offering you just what you need, you only have to see it there and choose to receive it.

Absorbing the positive aspects of my life, choosing to ingest the ‘good food’, granted me with all I was really looking for. Now, I’m not talking about accepting 'less' in my life, I still have dreams which come in very specific shapes and forms, but by tuning in to the positive aspects of what I already have, I am able to attract more of this physical reality towards me; this is ‘The Law of Attraction.’


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