...And down falleth the Love, from all directions

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Love is an infinite source...

The way we choose to give and receive love is filtered by story, stories our mind creates.

The love received from a partner feels different to the love received from the warm smile of an old lady on a bus; not because it is different but because of the story we weave around it and what our minds allow to flow in and out of that web.

Really Love is an energy which is actually all around us if we are open to receiving it. Do you ever consider that when you’re in a stinker of a mood, you may be missing countless connections to love?! The wink of a baker, the candid touch of a child, the aroma of a rose- let them in and thy may change your whole outlook, shake you of out lethargy, reminding you of the simplicity and innocence of life, or the many guises of divinity.

I had a long, boring train journey home last night and could only think about getting in to my bed. On my walk home from the station at about 12pm I encountered a middle aged, exercising man militantly stepping up and down from a 3 foot stump. I didn’t need to receive his acknowledgement to feel anything but pure love and admiration for this beautiful being engaged in this incongruous midnight activity. It was enough to shake me out of my self absorption and sense of victimhood, and filled with delicious irony I exploded with laughter...Then something magical happened- I looked up and noticed the full shining moon, felt the cold, expansive night air on my skin, and 'snap' I was back in the present moment. Life is sweet!

The other day I walked past a woman in a a beautiful 2 piece purple suit, I told her I loved her style and she shouted back to me, 'I love your dress!', filled with delight and confidence for the charm of humanity, I turned around and greeted the unsuspecting man man walking behind me, and he responded with a smile and a bounce in his step, and suddenly we had sent a happy parade marching through the Universe!

Bear in mind that a simple choice to reach out to someone, a brave moment of intimacy could really change a whole day, or even a life, and don't forget the butterfly effect. Next time you have the urge to compliment someone or touch a heart, do it. Don’t let your mind intervene and tell you its inappropriate or too 'forward' (so English!), or not what that person wants, because nine times out of ten it will be just what they need (if the action is taken with love). Think, this could be you or a loved one on the other side, and all they need is to remember Love.

Love, love, love.




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