Living Abundance and Dismantling the System from Within, with Lara Waldman.

Last Saturday, I attended a masterclass with Lara Grove Waldman, aka The Abundance Activator. Lara holds a powerful portal for those wanting to align with their souls purpose and natural state of abundance. A vision of hers is, to dismantle the system of white supremacy and the ‘power over’ system that has monopolised, exploited, and perverted humanity’s heart, we have to start by dismantling the system within each of us.

Three weeks ago I begun researching racial injustice, our ‘glorious’ imperialistic roots, the long term trauma of systemic racism, and stories from BIPOC about their every day experiences. For the first time I really FELT what it meant to be a white privileged individual in western society, and I became paranoid that all my other white friends knew this and I didn’t. However, when Lara spoke up about her own experience I realised I wasn’t alone, but silence is the glue which holds the system together.

When I was struck with a bombshell of cognitive dissonance, it was as if my right and left brain were at war, and everything I'd ever believed was held up in mockery as I watched it collapse in front of me. In the session, Lara enabled me to release these powerful complex emotions so that I could begin to realign my truth, and gently arrive back in to my body. I’m grateful to her and all the amazing heart centred entrepreneurs who showed up with openness, integrity and humility. I can’t tell you how empowering it felt to be in this community.

Since awakening to the dangers of ‘spiritual bypassing,’ I’ve been in the process of realigning my beliefs. I now realise, there is no point in doing and sharing this work if I’m not present with what happening here on Earth, which means facing and challenging the darker truths of the world and how the system operates.

My intention is to continue dismantling the system within me so that my voice can be heard by many and not just my friends at the top of the pyramid. The creative energy of power, money, and abundance has been frozen at the tip of the iceberg, and is therefore out of its natural flow state. In order to restore flow we have to release barricades and create bridges, both within our psychess, and in the physical word: We have to ‘be’ the change.


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