Love Your Shadow...

Here is my shadow!

I'm delighted for you to meet her.

I'm in the process of welcoming her out of my deep, dark well and in to the land of light, where I can give her the love and care she’s missed out on for so long.

Apologies for the silence as I get to know my best friend; the little me who I shut away, the terrible me, the ugly, bad, monster-me; I'm helping her to breathe again, and it turns out she's actually a little sweetheart. We have a lot of work to do together, perhaps a life time, and I'm sure there are other creatures in that well, maybe in dimensions I cant even fathom in this dimension, waiting to be seen and hoisted out…But the work is here and now and I'm thankful to be doing it, as messy as it is!

I trust my process, they will only come up when I’m ready to work with them.

I didn't choose to go on this shadow journey consciously, although I had jumped aboard the ‘abundance’ train with confidence. I thought it would be an easy ride, simply calling in and manifesting more goodness in to my life! Little did I know about the dark tunnels hidden underground, where lurk all manner of terrible creatures ready to bite, scratch, and blister.

I was brave and curious, and took a closer look. The more I saw, the more I realised they were the ones who were frightened! Then I started to see the beauty they’d been hiding...

When we open ourselves up to receiving more, we may consciously think we’re ready for it but little do we know about our little monsters blocking our path because they just aren’t ready to receive that much goodness. They’ve given up on life out of shame and fear, and are terribly mistrustful of that which is intended as honest, simple love. By befriending our shadows and bringing them to consciousness, we are opening our arms to receive more, and perhaps even give more too.

Remember our shadows are not just personal, but collective and ancestral.

The more we can uncover, the more we can heal ourselves, our families, ancestors, communities, and the world!

Love your shadow and your shadow will love you.


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