To be in Alignment

I don’t know about any of you but I feel I’m going through a bit of a re-birthing process at the moment. It’s as though I have a blank canvas in front of me, and an opportunity to paint the life I want to create. This feels terrifying and exhilarating as with choice and freedom comes power, and with power - great responsibility.

Alignment is therefore crucial; when I’m in alignment with my self, vision, and intention for the work, I know that every move I make, or every stroke of the brush (no matter how big or small) brings me closer to my dreams, or draws them towards me. However, when I take an action which is out of alignment/or not in line with my truth, I may end up in someone else’s dream painting, or the process will jam and jar until it eventually crumbles away. It was never meant for ME. I believe when we are living out of alignment for too long, it can cause malignancy, manifesting in ill mental and/or physical health, reinforcing negative patterns and programming across nations and generations.

So you might be wondering…

What does it mean for me to be ‘in alignment’?

I’d say the feeling of being in alignment is a relaxed state of presence, which is built up over repeated practice…To me it feels like surfing a wave, being deeply present with me and the world around me, a state of poise, grace, ease, relaxation, a deep intuitive knowing that it’s mine, a feeling of flow, and as if nothing could go wrong in that moment.

How do you arrive ‘there’?

I’ve begun a daily ritual of, relaxing through meditation, attuning to what I truly want to manifest, and how it would ‘feel’ to have it in my life NOW, and then consciously asking for any energies, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and programming that are obstructing this to gently melt away/release. I then like to visualise the release, maybe as a black fog leaving my body, and/or I ask my guides, the Earth, or the Universe to carry this weight away for me. As I release the old, I breathe in new light to my body.

How does this ‘release’ happen?

It can happen instantly, I may become aware of physical tension in my neck or shoulders, this is often stored lactic acid through the suppression or repression energy/emotion. I can tune in to this pain to reveal what lies beneath it, and let it go it there and then.

Sometimes I don’t feel anything, but I know I’ve been heard…

Or it can travel deeper in to stored cellular memory, maybe I’ll be going about my day and will suddenly be triggered by something in my environment, stirring up an old story with feelings of pain, rage, fear, sadness attached to it. If I can, I quietly take myself away and allow these feelings to LIVE through me, by letting free the story which is holding me.

The release happen in waves, varying in impact and intensity, and when I know I need a break from it - I ask. Because I’ve chosen to consciously work with this material, I hold the reigns and can choose how deep I want to go/to heal. Have faith that if you put it out there, the universe will listen and respond. I genuinely find, the more I commit to the process of releasing what’s holding me back from manifesting my dreams, the deeper I can go, and the more space I create for myself to bring in what is in alignment with me NOW.

When addressed with presence, clarity, and willingness, the process of manifestation darts like a dragon fly, taking you through dark woodlands, cleansing pools, and open winds. If you can soften and surrender to this process, you may even enjoy the journey too.

Is it selfish of me to be so absorbed in my self development you may be wondering?

I believe when we’re in alignment with our truth, we’re happier, more present, and emanating positively for all who cross our path. We can then inspire others to find their own happiness, and align to their own truth.

Okay, I may be fragile at times of release and clearing, but I’m learning to honour this time as sacred, and can now quietly take myself away to consciously process it, so I don’t project it on to others to do the messy work for me, reinforcing the very patterns I’m trying to release.

If you’re brave enough to do the work, be kind to you, don’t beat yourself up for having slow days where you feel you’ve regressed. This is a tender art, so treat yourself with all the nourishment and care you need.


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