"I loved, loved, loved it! Very fine and high heart energy, opened me up to my self, my own beauty and more self love. Being with Carly's energy is very opening, genuine and powerful. Good humor and expansion. So you don't want to miss this one hour with her. Carly hold's the space with her softness, and in her power as the one sitting in her own seat of leadership and love."

 Kristín Siguròardóttir

 "This was the first time I had experienced crystal healing, I didn't really know what to expect, Carly picked up a crystal that summed me up totally, it was a green heart shaped one, it's my fav colour and I have hearts everywhere in my house, I felt as though she had tuned in straight away. Carly went on to talk about my life situation very accurately without really knowing anything about me prior to the reading, I found this a bit spooky to start with but soon relaxed into it. The whole reading has given me lots to think about and has made me approach issues with a different attitude. I have to add you have a great talent Carly. I would definately have another reading in the future"

Mary D'arcy

"During the quantum reading, she picked a selection of cards and crystals and talked through the things she believed I excel at, as well as those holding me back – which I can confirm were all legit. Of course, there will be people who think all this is about as accurate as the belief that the world was flat, but I felt really uplifted – and for that, I’m totally down."

Mollie Hammond (DARE magazine, Sept/Oct 2019 Edition).

"Another Party favourite was the Tarot readers Green Man Tarot and Carly Tennant – the tarot reading was an exhilarating experience and went into all aspects on the personal journey in life, including relationships, health and career and by far a top crowd favourite."

Alex Silva PR

"Carly gave me a very powerful reading this summer and gave me guidance exactly where it was needed. Her sensitivity to listening and translating information is magical. Thank you Carly I look forward to our next session!"

Katya Barton

"Lovely reading with Carly. I was amazed at the amount she was able to see. Very intuitive and fluent. I would highly recommend it."

Sally Davies

"I had a beautiful crystal healing session with Carly. She picked up on deeper patterns in me and shared what she saw in such a loving and caring way, and helped me recognize what needed to be looked at. I just love her graceful nature."

Pia Holland

"I had an amazing light language healing session with Carly. Her gifts transcend you into higher realms and vibrations! I experienced colors, visions and physical joy during the session! im so thankful for the clarity and peace that came through and the healing that Ive taken with me from her work!"

Chrysta Higgenbotham

"I would highly recommend Carly after a reading she did for me. Carly’s reading left me feeling empowered and refreshed, it was channelled and the session was delivered professionally with a heart warming touch."

Stephanie Charles

"I met Carly a couple of weeks ago when she held a woman circle. It was the first time I've ever been to a circle like this, I felt both nervous and excited before it, but when I met Carly I instantly felt calm, I knew I was gonna be in a safe and loving space. Just this one hour with her and the other woman there gave me so much and I went home after it feeling high on life and more empowered than in a long time. Thank you Carly, you're amazing. ♡"

Hanna Nygren

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